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Hello, I'm Jane, the Thomas in Breton Thomas. Thanks for visiting our site, let me introduce myself...

I originally trained in graphic design and worked for twelve years in London’s publishing industry. I designed and managed the production of all manner of books - honing both my creative and organisational skills.


Yearning for fresh air, I decided to write a new chapter in life - retraining in Horticulture and Garden Design at Capel Manor College. Whilst balancing work and a young family, I achieved a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Greenwich. After more study, delving into professional practice, I'm proud to have been accepted as a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute.

Jackie (the Breton in Breton Thomas) and I have shared a passion for revitalising outdoor spaces since meeting in 2014. We’ve always valued collaboration and it became central to how we do business. We have nurtured an eco-system of trusted design, trade and supply partners who share our values.

In 2020 Jackie made the life-changing decision to relocate to New Zealand - her husband’s native land. Through the magic of technology we still collaborate - Breton Thomas, a global enterprise!

I’m based in St Albans, Hertfordshire.



We value our partnerships! We see better results by fostering good relationships - not only with you - our clients - but also suppliers and trade partners. We work hard to be collaborative not pushy, listen not lecture, involve not exclude. We get our best results when we work together, pulling in the same direction.


We don’t just care about what we do, but also how we do it.  We don’t just concentrate on how beautiful our gardens will look, but how well they work and the positive results they deliver. We aim to create purposeful, sustainable, thriving environments and we’re not afraid to get muddy doing it.


Our creative efforts are always underpinned by technical know-how and attention to detail. We use technology to ensure everything that should line up, does line up.


We do this because it makes us happy! Nature and growing things have a unique super power to improve our mood and raise our spirits. We want to pass this happy on to our clients.


accredited expertise and creativity.


support from concept to creation.


in inspiring transformation.

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