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THE PLACE - A detached house with a north-facing garden. The garden was very unloved and rarely used now that the couple’s children had grown older. The outside seating area was on a small patio which was always in shade and the planting was very tired.

After 5.jpg


The family wanted to be able to use the garden all year round with seating areas in sun and shade, and wanted a design to catch the sun at the end of the garden.

After 4.jpg
After 1.jpg


The owners decided to invest in an outdoor office with a seating area outside and a border full of sun-loving plants. They wanted lots and lots of colour; pinks, oranges, purples and reds which were brought in using ornamental grasses and perennials with a yew hedge at the back to act as a dark green foil.

At the other end of the garden, near the house, was a planting bed with a bubbling water bowl and shade-loving plants.

After 2.jpg
After 5.jpg

A new BBQ area was positioned near the house on a generous patio where the owners could use their existing dining table. A pergola was carefully sited nearby to enjoy the evening sun and view to the rest of the garden.

Lighting 1.jpg

Many thanks to Richard Bloom for his beautiful photography.

Follow the link to contact him and browse the gallery below to see more images...

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